7 Exciting Things To Do In Anna Maria Island For A Memorable Vacation

Things to do in Anna Maria Island

Enjoy A Boat Cruise On Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a barrier island on Florida’s Gulf Coast. There are plenty of things to do in Anna Maria Island, from fun outdoor activities to eating at waterfront restaurants. It is perfect for families, couples, and friends looking to enjoy a memorable vacation in Florida.

Prime Boat Tours is a personalized and professional tour company on Anna Maria Island. It ensures customers on the cruise enjoy and explore some fun activities.

On Prime Boat Tours, you enjoy watching playful dolphins and the stunning sunset views of Anna Maria Island. The island has plenty of fun things to do in Florida. Here are some popular things to do:

1) Fishing On Anna Maria Island

One of the fun things to do on Anna Maria Island is to go fishing on its piers. Keep in mind that you must have a State fishing license. The fishing licenses are easy to get and are not costly. You can bring your fishing equipment or rent it on Anna Maria Island.

The best piers to go for fishing on Anna Maria Island are the City Pier, Bradenton Beach City Pier, and Rod and Reel Pier. No matter where you decide to stand on the piers, you will catch different types of fish. It is because they all extend far into the ocean.

2) Dine At Amazing Restaurants

Anna Maria Island is not known for its food but has high-quality restaurants. There are a few waterfront restaurants to visit on Anna Maria Island that serve delicious food and drinks. The best waterfront restaurants include:

  • Anna Maria Oyster Bar

  • Sandbar

  • The Kokonut Hut

  • Bridge Tender

  • Oma’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant

The Sandbar restaurant is perfect for a group of friends. Oma’s Pizza and Italian Restaurant on Bradenton Beach has the best pizza dining options. There are several options, but these are the best Anna Maria Island restaurants to dine in.

3) Visit The Beaches

There are several Anna Maria Island beaches. Coquina Beach is one of the beaches on Anna Maria Island, with white sandy beaches perfect for sunbathing. It has crystal blue waters for swimming. The beach has other amenities like pavilions and picnic tables for a family vacation.

There is Holmes Beach, perfect for surfing. Holmes Beach has limited parking spots. You can snorkel, parasail, and jet ski on Bradenton Beach. You also get a spectacular view of Sarasota Bay across Bradenton Beach. Cortez Beach is less busy and perfect for surfing.

Manatee Beach has live music throughout the year. You can also engage in outdoor activities like playing volleyball with friends and family. Bayfront Park Beach gives relaxing views of Tampa Bay. Each beach on Anna Maria Island is unique in its way.

4) Walk On The Piers

There are several piers on Anna Maria Island to take a stroll. One of the piers is Anna Maria City Pier, a long walk which is sometimes windy. It also leads to a takeaway restaurant. For younger kids, use a stroller because it is a sideless pier. A lot of people also fish on this pier.

Bridge Street, known as Historic Bridge Street, is the longest pier with rails along the walk. It is perfect for family and friends to take a stroll and take memorable pictures.

5) Go Shopping

The Beach Market on Coquina Beach is the best place to shop throughout the year. There are unique locally made items. The market has several shops with handcrafted items with a trace of Anna Maria Island on each item.

Historic Bridge Street is known for beach souvenirs. To Anna Maria Island’s things to do list, add Bridge Street shopping. It is the perfect place to shop for Christmas gifts with family and friends on Anna Maria Island.

There are several craft shops on Pine Avenue where you can go and shop for fun. Spare some time and have a shopping experience with your loved one. It also has historical attractions on the island.

6) Watch The Amazing Sunset

The best place to watch the stunning sunset view on Anna Maria Island is Bean Point Beach. It is perfect for a romantic dinner as you enjoy the sunset. You can watch the beautiful sunset anywhere on the island. There are other amazing beach spots to catch the sunset on Anna Maria Island:

  • Holmes Beach

  • Manatee Public Beach

  • Coquina Beach

  • Cortez Beach

7) The Donut Experiment

This unique place where you get to eat custom-made donuts is on Pine Avenue. You get to dictate the donut you want. It is perfect for sweet tooth people to enjoy:

  • The frosting of your choice

  • The toppings and drizzle of your choice

  • Special donuts from the donut bar

  • Mixed donut combinations

Why Anna Maria Island

There are a lot of fun activities to do on the island with your family and friends. Hopefully, this guide gives you a head start on things to do on Anna Maria Island.

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3 Hour Private Sunset Boat Tour

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Passage Key Private 4 hour

Enjoy a day of sandbar adventure, swimming, snorkeling, and paddling on the Passage Key in Florida. This island is home to some of the most pristine waters in the world. While you're here, keep an eye out for protected birds and hunt for sand dollars, one of Florida's most prized natural treasures!

Staring out over the crystal clear Gulf of Mexico, or wading in a shallow cove is the only way to describe our snorkeling adventure on Passage Key. You will marvel at the colorful fish and other aquatic wonders. It's a great chance to see some of Florida's protected birds as well.

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Ride the boat out to scenic spots where you can swim, paddleboard, snorkel, and explore one of Anna Maria’s beautiful beaches. See local wildlife up close and personal on this private cruise of the waterways around the islands. We'll stop at secluded sandbars and travel through some of the islands’ best locations.